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trans Keith Jackson: Literaturliste und Konferenzbeiträge (Auswahl)  

Jackson, K & Debrous, P (2009): Innovation in Japan: emerging patterns; enduring myths
(London: Routledge) 

Jackson, K. & Harry, W. (2007) Global Wave: a critique of Western HRM theory in Management Revue
Vol. 18
Jackson, K. (2007): Dancing with dilemmas: examples and insights from trust research in cross-cultural contexts
paper presented at the 23rd EGOS Colloquium, European Group for Organizational Studies, WU, Vienna

Jackson, K. (2007): Communicating trust within and across organisational boundaries: an IHRM decision-making perspective
paper presented as part of an ESRC-funded seminar series on the theme: Building, maintaining and repairing trust across cultures: theory and practice (2006-7) - a research collaboration (in the UK) between Oxford Brookes, Warwick, Durham & Coventry University Business Schools

Jackson, K. (2006): Cross-cultural Management (module for the MSc programme in International Management)
SOAS / CeFiMS - University of London 

Jackson, K. (2005): Comparing approaches towards managing challenges inherent in the empirical research of trust in organisations
paper presented at the 3rd FINT/EAISM Workshop on Trust within and between Organisations, VU, Amsterdam (with U. Schwegler) 

Jackson, K. (2005): Managing trust and talent in Japan & Hong Kong

plenary paper for the annual Delta Academy on-line conference on the theme: Divergence in global HRM) at 

Jackson, K. (2004): The Changing Face of Japanese Management
(London: Routledge) (with M. Tomioka)

Regular reviewer for journals such as:  Asia Pacific Business Review, Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource


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