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We engage in applied research. This means we generate and synthesise from up-to-date, evidence-based research relevant to organisations and managers competing in turbulent markets for global business: i.e. markets where trust becomes a vital - if intangible - asset.

We conduct our research in the context of what we all commonly today refer to as processes of ‘globalisation’ and ‘internationalisation’. There are many competing definitions of globalisation. To sociologists it means a reduction of space and time : i.e. contexts within which people make important decisions about business, about life. For managers engaged in strategic thinking & planning, globalisation means a faster and ever more complex flows of capital and information together with the problems and opportunities that these flows generate: e.g. in the context of (virtual) project team working. innovation management & the commercialisation & protection of IPR (cf. Jackson & Debroux, 2009).

For HR managers, internationalisation means an increasingly diverse and mobile workforce; CSR and other environmental concerns: employer branding in an increasingly dynamic global market for talent. To illustrate: currently more than 63,000 multinational corporations and 821,000 foreign subsidiaries of these corporations employ 90 Million people worldwide.

Consequently, all organisations whether they are big or small, long established or start-up, for-profit or not-for-profit, are becoming interdependent players in an increasingly globalised and internationalised business & management environment (cf. Schwegler, 2009).

Against this background, our research

• Focuses on trust and its status as a strategic response to risk & uncertainty, change & opportunity
• Links applied interpretations of trust to processes designed to improve individual, team & organizational
  performance across business sectors & cultures. Our motto: better trust, better performance
• Links trust to strategic management processes such as: leadership, global (virtual) team working, international
   business partnering, diversity & talent management, employer branding, product / service branding



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